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It is becoming very noticeable that the frequency of earth is rising and more people are becoming aware but far fewer are becoming truly conscious.

We all are windows to something. We all are antennae capable of picking up different frequencies of information. Something that has been around for a while is channeling.
People claim to receive messages from angels Michael, Uriel, etc. Now angels are couriers of messages. A detail that is being overlooked is how can you tell if an angel is sending a message from God if you don’t know that YHWH is the Creator of all spirits and things?

YHWH reveals all truth, so if a person doesn’t have a connection with YHWH it makes them more susceptibleĀ to being deceived by demons.
Put two and two together; some of those who channel messages by authors with “pseudonyms” are also abductees and some are even participants in the hybrid program. When did YHWH say he had a hybrid program planned for the children of Adam? It’s pretty clear, after putting the pieces together, that these people are cattle pets and pawns to dark forces trying to keep their grip of control on the children of Adam and earth. Dark forces usually mix a little truth into their lies because lies don’t last like the truth. YHWH is the source of truth and he can show you truth in all things, both intuitively and logically, if you ask.
Be prepared, the last grand deception is coming before it all falls apart.