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As a continuation of part 1, there is a lack of information about what to expect in the near future. It is time to put more of the pieces together.

We already know that there will be a shift from Carbon 12 to Carbon 7, but what difference does that make? If you look at the visual representation of Carbon 7, it looks a lot like an optical fiber cable. An optical fiber cable carries light. Light is energy. Essentially, people are being transformed to receive/project more light/life force (chi).

Now how can this energy be stored? It has to be stored in order to use. Scientist Arturo Solis Herrera researched for 12 years and discovered that melanin operates like a battery and generator; that’s the long form name of his invention the Bat Gen. We all have some melanin and this is what will enable the storage and stabilization of incredibly large quantities of energy or light. Light from where? The sun, but there is a hidden aspect to this. The source of all energy is YHWH. Connection with YHWH is what will permit this process to fully happen. Clear connection displays as a golden color halo or nimbus behind the head of a person.

Good examples of manifestation are in such movies as the Matrix Trilogy and Lucy. Superman is a longtime reference to this very transformation that will defy the laws of nature. It will also enable those worthy to receive higher levels of information and shift through dimensions. Now it is only a matter of time and time is but a program that YHWH created.