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I don’t know how much people invest in the stock of coincidence these days, but year after year the veil is getting thinner and all the “coincidences” are proving themselves to be something more blatant.

The incoming CEO of Babylon and his VP are both geminis; coincidence? Kanye connecting with the incoming CEO of Babylon? He’s a gemini too. Both, Babylon’s incoming CEO and Kanye having associated symbolic “off with his head” ritual media out there. Two guys with masks of the likeness of said CEO, with boxing gloves on, play fighting in a Lowe’s on New Year’s Eve. None of these things are coincidence. Go to famousbirthdays dot com and see more “coincidental” geminis in entertainment (music, movies, TV, and sports). For the very same reason that they are very entertaining and talented, they can be used to distract.

The thing about geminis, their charisma and charm, is that they can help bring people together or divide them. What brings people together? Truth. What divides them? Deception. The people that put their energy and hope in those that will say/do anything (janus op.) just to “win” (more fame, money, and glory) and to win you over, should be concerned. Who loses in this scenario? The people. The whole objective is to misdirect the people’s energy and use it to fuel their agendas and goals. The people that want to be deceived are a lost cause and they will go down with this ship. For the people that are tired of wasting their time and energy, cash out of this game and the illusion will crash fast.