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There is an age old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

The emperor’s new clothes are not new at all. We are at fool me fource, fivce and although it is the same play/different cast, this stage play is getting old..quick.

X steps forward, x steps back. Rinse and repeat. More and more people are seeing this dirty business for what it is and just aren’t buying the wares anymore.

How many more CEOs of Babylon will come through and default on the loan of the people’s hope before this business goes bankrupt? It will go bankrupt. You can only cook the books for so long and the hype of what business Babylon was can’t cover what it is today; a corrupt bure@ucracy that can’t clean up its deceptive ways or change its business model. When a business can’t change for the better, it fails to stay competitive and eventually goes out of business.

The cosmic karma is returning and YHWH’s calling out Babylon in the game that she think she is winning; checkmate (Isaiah 13).