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I heard words of wisdom that resonated with me many days after hearing it.

“The people that complain the most are the people that need to change the most.”

The world is changing, and will shift even faster, yet we are still finding comfort in things staying the same that may not even be for the benefit of the whole. It is just like a computer; if you don’t upgrade it, over time, it will fail to run new programs efficiently or even at all. The mind is a kind of computer that is only limited by what you say it can or cannot do. Change that is inevitable isn’t your enemy, it is a test and indication of how flexible you are in adapting to it.

The overall goal is to “pull down” the light essence of your highest self from the everlasting now. Problems, challenges, or obstacles are opportunities to learn and to become more flexible in one’s thinking in order to find solutions to achieve change for the better.