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I received a vision during a recent evening.
In the vision I saw a man in what appeared to be ceremonial clothing.
He wore a mask that covered his entire head; it was red and circular like an ornament. His clothing didn’t have much red coloring, but it was mostly yellow with a very distinct flowy piece that fell  from the neck down to the mid-section. It had a checkered pattern closer to the bottom end that looked like cubes that were black on the bottom and  yellow on the sides.
Looking at it, all that I could think of was a bird.
He danced in a way not like most Indians. It was a relatively stationary and efficient movement with only his shoulders and hips rocking to the beat of a tom-tom drum. Although I heard no sound, the way he danced seemed to amplify the pulse of the beat rather than, as with most Indians, the beat driving the way he danced. I could infer the beat by sight as if I heard it; it was that powerful and electric.
If you happen to be Indian or in touch with Indian elders, please pass this along to them. They are wise enough and in touch with the spirit world to decode what this means.